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Clyde & Co Newton

AI solutions and process automation for casualty claims

Combining Clyde & Co's legal expertise with automated intelligence, to deliver the lowest overall indemnity spend for our clients

What is Clyde & Co Newton?

We have developed a series of innovative products as part of our new technology platform for casualty claims handling, so you can choose the right products for your business. As the biggest legal provider to the UK casualty market, with the largest data set, all our innovations draw on the deep experience of our legal, forensic and fraud teams, to provide automated solutions that span the claims lifecycle.

  • Delivering lower overall indemnity spend through better claims outcomes
  • Giving you greater control of the claims process and upskilling claims handling teams in the process
  • Delivering you cost and time savings 
  • Quick and easy to implement alongside your existing claims systems
  • Built around your specific requirements and processes
  • Helping you deliver a better claims experience for your policyholders
  • Enabling you to reduce your reliance on legal panels - only using lawyers when you really need to
  • Leveraging the largest claims dataset in the UK casualty legal market to give you the most accurate valuations and guidance on settlement approach

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We would like to pilot these tools with some of our teams to understand how they fit with our processes.

Major UK Insurer

I'm very excited to see how the Fraud tool can support us, it looks great.


Major UK Insurer

Introducing Clyde & Co Newton

Expertise. Automated.

Choose the right products for your casualty claims needs

With a range of products to assist with the processing of new instructions, fraud screening, claims valuation reserve and offer calculations, through to settlement and pursuit of recoveries, Clyde & Co Newton offers guidance to claims handlers to enhance their decision-making capability. 

The Clyde & Co Newton offering includes:

Key Feature

Automation and Robotics

Combining machine learning with AI to automate routine claims processes

Key Feature

Calculation Tools

A range of calculation tools to ensure quick and accurate claims handling

Key Feature

Data Extraction and Analytics

Deep dive analytics to enhance processes and decision-making

Key Feature


Making the claims experience easier for insurers and policyholders

Key Feature

Indemnity Spend and Cost Saving

Products to help insurers drive down indemnity spend

Key Feature

Claims Decision Support

Helping claims handlers make better decisions

To find out how these products can streamline your processes we can arrange a demonstration of how they work before organising a free trial of our innovation platform. You can also explore four products from Clyde & Co Newton range here. Please contact us today to find out more.

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Why choose Clyde & Co Newton?

Designed in partnership built around real client needs
Our products have been designed in partnership with our clients. They combine the best of human and machine intelligence, delivering a broad range of benefits to our clients and their policyholders.

Built by experts, using market-leading technology  
We’ve worked with industry experts to create cutting edge technology-based solutions that deliver value and make it easier to use our services.

Constantly evolving to meet emerging client needs
Our innovation group is working actively with our lawyers and with our clients, to continue to bring new products to market, and to enhance the products that are already available. 

Key features & benefits

Key Feature

Machine Learning

Clyde & Co Newton intelligence evolves constantly, delivering ever improving claims outcomes

Key Feature

Process Automation

Automation of routine processes including document generation

Key Feature

Handler Guidance

Supporting your handlers with recommendations on offers and guidance on case conduct

Key Feature

Automated Calculations

Rules-driven to improve accuracy and consistency, enhancing handler capability

Key Feature

Improved Fraud Detection

Automatic comparison of key data to identify areas of fraud risk

Flexible design and implementation - built around you

Clyde & Co Newton is fully flexible to meet clients’ needs. All client implementations are entirely bespoke, built around the client’s claims handling philosophies and operational processes.

We work with clients’ operational and IT teams to ensure the seamless integration of technology within their businesses.

Find out how Clyde & Co's innovation suite can transform your casualty claims operation

Key Contacts

David Caswell


David’s litigation practice is focused upon the defence of serious and catastrophic injury claims, through which he works to repudiate the claims or minimise client’s spend where a settlement is required. As a key member of the innovations team, he focuses on analytics and automations products for the benefit of our clients.

+44 (0) 161 838 6833 View details

Mark Hemsted


Mark is one of our most experienced client relationship partners. He leads the firm's volume motor practice, handling MOJ and OICP portal claims and multi track injury. His expertise and knowledge mean that he’s been ideally placed to advise on the initial innovation products that have been developed.

+44 (0) 161 829 6410 View details

Sarah Hill


Sarah is responsible for the strategic development of counter-fraud initiatives across all claims types. With expertise across all aspects of fraud claims, her insight is key in understanding how to harness technology to implement fraud identification systems and models.

+44 (0) 121 633 6645 View details

Damian Rourke


Damian leads our casualty fraud team, advising on fraud risk and strategy across a range of claims types. His insight into how insurers are adapting their businesses to use technology to deliver indemnity spend savings, is key to informing our current and future innovation product developments.

+44 (0) 161 240 8485 View details

Ben Parsons

Head of Digital

Ben is leading the firm’s strategy for digital innovation in Casualty. A core component of his role will be working in partnership with both our key clients and our casualty partners to prioritise new innovation products for development.

+44 (0) 161 240 2870 View details



Our team is built on scale, expertise and a new vision for technology. With scale, comes the largest data set in the casualty space, providing more complete answers and better management information.

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Clyde & Co Newton Products

Explore what some of our Clyde & Co Newton products can do for you.

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