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Honoring dads on Father’s Day

5 days to honor our beloved dads.

Father’s Day is one of the most special days of the year. In 2023, it occurs on June 18th. You may celebrate it by doing homemade crafts, sharing funny memes, sending happy Father’s Day messages, images, or simply offering some gifts to your dad. If you love this day, have a look at the history of this holiday, the ways in which countries cele... Show more

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Discover a lot of Father’s Day ideas and make your daddy happy spending this lovely celebration with him


Neckties, hats, and mustaches: Everything you need to know about the most famous Father’s day symbols

Color palette

  • HEX rgb(0, 111, 138)
  • RGB rgb(0, 111, 138)
  • CMYK rgb(0, 111, 138)
  • HSL rgb(0, 111, 138)
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Teal blue, the color of acceptance and support

Teal, which is a greenish blue shade, was named after the Eurasian teal, a bird. Creating a teal tone from natural materials was quite difficult, so it wasn’t really used as a dye until the 18th century, when Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered new green and blue tones. This color has a lot of positive connotations. Teal is connected with people that are supportive, rational, and accepting: all those characteristics are the ones we link with fathers. It’s also a symbol of renewal, individuality, and practicality. Teal is a great color to represent morality, calmness, healing, and enlightenment too.

  • HEX rgb(124, 209, 230)
  • RGB rgb(124, 209, 230)
  • CMYK rgb(124, 209, 230)
  • HSL rgb(124, 209, 230)
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Middle blue, the clarity and serenity of a soft hue

Middle blue is a light tone of cyan. It is usually employed to represent cleanliness and clarity. It also has a soothing effect that is related to balance and the revitalization of the body. If middle blue is your favorite color, you are creative, a clear thinker, and you probably have good communication skills. According to color psychology, you should use this tint when you need to be more productive, as it has the ability of calming the mind. It’s also about commitment and trust. It’s also a color that represents cleanliness: air fresheners, softeners, washing powders, and other detergents are dyed with this type of hue.

  • HEX rgb(205, 239, 248)
  • RGB rgb(205, 239, 248)
  • CMYK rgb(205, 239, 248)
  • HSL rgb(205, 239, 248)
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Light cyan, the color representing the calm of crystalline waters

Light cyan resembles the tone of the placid waters of North American Lakes and tropical oceans and seas. Because of the power of water, this hue is related to energy and the vitality of youth. Light cyan is a very balanced color that represents a lively spirit but also trust and serenity. It’s like life itself, you can find both, energy and calmness. Light cyan is also related to concentration, empathy, and peace. In fact, many representations of peace and related symbols appear in this color. Add a touch of light cyan to your own Father’s Day color palette and create soothing and relaxing designs.

  • HEX rgb(254, 178, 41)
  • RGB rgb(254, 178, 41)
  • CMYK rgb(254, 178, 41)
  • HSL rgb(254, 178, 41)
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Honey yellow, the sacred color for Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists

Honey and its rich color are very important for different cultures. It is the color of healthing, as honey has been used as a topical antibiotic, and as a treatment for wounds, burns, coughing, and many more ailments. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it, for example, for those purposes. Honey and its color are also important in different religions. In the Book of Exodus, the Promised Land flows with milk and honey. The Hebrew Bible also contains references to it, and the Buddhist give honey to monks during the Madhu Pirnima, a festival. Honey yellow must be understood as a restorative and cathartic color from a mental, physical, and spiritual point of view.

  • HEX rgb(255, 211, 127)
  • RGB rgb(255, 211, 127)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 211, 127)
  • HSL rgb(255, 211, 127)
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Orange yellow crayola, the light shade of yellow that transmits joy and freshness

Crayola introduced its orange yellow crayon in 1949. This light shade of yellow has a little touch of orange, creating an energetic color that has the warmth of the Sun itself. Orange yellow stimulates memory, but also the nervous system. It’s the color of intelligence and making decisions. This light shade, according to color psychology, is linked to very positive characteristics such as smartness. Orange yellow crayola also radiates joy, happiness, freshness, and a sense of newness. Whenever you feel sad and blue, orange yellow crayola has the ability of uplifting you and making you as happy as you can be.


The interesting history of Father’s Day: the major contributions of Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, and presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon

Father’s day is one of the sweetest holidays of the year. It’s so important that, when the day approaches, there are a million marketing campaigns to increase sales during that festivity. It’s a huge event everywhere, and every country celebrates this day according to its own idiosyncrasy and traditions. Although Father’s day is quite popular, many people don’t know about its origins and history. Did you know that the idea of a day devoted to fathers is related to a mining accident in the United States? But this is not the only interesting detail about Father’s Day. Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon played a very important role in the establishment of this day as a holiday. Keep reading and discover more about it.


The monongah mining disaster (West Virginia)

The worst mining accident in the US

Did you know that Father’s Day has to do with a mining accident that took place at the beginning of the 20th century? On December 6th 1907, more than 360 miners perished due to an explosion in Monongah, West Virginia. An electrical spark in combination with methane gas or coal dust started the fire, which led to an explosion. Because of the fumes, the rescue was almost impossible, as no self-contained breathing apparatuses existed at the time. People paid homage to the late miners in 1908, but some villagers like Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd thought that this initiative wasn’t enough: she fought to establish an official Father’s Day to honor not only those miners, but also the rest of fathers. She achieved her goal: the first Father’s Day took place on July 19th, 1910 and it was extremely successful.


President Lyndon B. Johnson and Father’s Day

Proclamation 3730

President Woodrew Wilson signed a proclamation establishing Mother’s day in 1916, but there wasn’t any proclamation devoted to the creation of a Father’s Day. It’s true that president Calving Coolidge promoted a national event to bring fathers and children closer, but it was not enough. People wanted Father’s Day to have a formal status: because of that, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed proclamation 3730 in 1966. This text established the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day, making a lot of dads very happy. This proclamation was a beautiful text that praised the role of fathers and their importance for the wellbeing of the families.


President Richard Nixon and his proclamation 4127

Father’s Day as a national holiday

Different presidents made efforts to institute an official Father’s Day in the United States, although it didn’t become a federal holiday in the USA until 1972–thanks to president Richard Nixon. By 1972, he was fighting for his re-election, so, as part of his campaign, the Congress passed an act to make Father’s Day a national holiday in 1972. This endeavor was great to make people realize the importance and major impact of dads for society, for kids, and for families as well. It also helped bring fathers and children together. Nowadays, Father’s Day is celebrated around the World thanks to initiatives like this one.


Celebrating Father’s Day nowadays

Give some love and gifts to your dad!

Father’s Day is a huge holiday today: millions of children celebrate this special date with their dads. Father’s Day gets bigger and bigger every year and it has become a very profitable celebration too–as happens with other typical holidays just like Mother’s Day. On average, Americans plan to spend around $148.58 per person, which is a lot! In 2020, the total amount that people paid for gifts and the like was around $17 billion, can you believe it? But buying and giving gifts is not the only way of celebrating this day and enjoying it with your dad. Go ahead and spend quality time with him–go fishing, have a great meal, go to the cinema, or simply talk about life and ask him for some pieces of advice. What are you planning for the next Father’s Day?


Father’s Day as a global holiday

There are many different ways of celebrating Father’s Day, almost as many as the number of dads around the globe. Some people have lunch with their fathers, other people go fishing or to the pub, little kids draw something for them… As happens with many other holidays, the different ways of enjoying it depend very much on the country. Would you like to learn more about Father’s Day in countries like the United States, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, or Russia?

United States

Father’s Day in the United States. Father’s Day is very important for people in the United Estates. This is not strange as, according to the United States Census Bureau, 60% of men in the States are fathers. They celebrate it on the third Sunday in June. Americans share a lot of common traditions with other countries when it comes to having a good time during this holiday: gifts, having meals together… The average American will spend around $171 for this day, and it’s not strange: there are several marketing campaigns to sell gifts. Approximately, 20 billion dollars were devoted to gifts during Father’s day 2022. Sons and daughters tend to give clothing, electronic devices, greeting cards, personal care products, or tools to their daddies. They also go out to have fun doing different activities like riding bikes, fishing, and so on. In addition, it’s also common to go out to have lunch or dinner as a way of celebrating this merry day.


Saint Joseph’s Day: Father’s Day in Spain. For Spanish people, Father’s Day takes place on March 19th. It takes place during Saint Joseph’s Day: Saint Joseph is the legal father of Jesus, so it was the perfect match to celebrate Father’s Day. Do you want to know about the history of this holiday in Spain? Manuela Vicente Ferrero (Dehesa de la Villa, Madrid), a school teacher, organized Father’s Day with her students in 1948. She thought that dads deserved a special day, following the tradition of Mother’s Day. She chose Saint Joseph’s Day as the date for it because of three main reasons: first, because Saint Joseph was a devoted father and a humble person. Second, because he is depicted in the Bible as the embodiment of hard work and, as such, he is the patron saint of laborers. In the third place, because Spain has traditionally been a Catholic country. During this first Father’s Day, Manuela organized a kid festival, a mass, and more activities. The students made some handicrafts for their daddies as well. It was a huge success, so many other schools celebrated Father’s Day in the following years. Galerías Preciados and El Corte Inglés, two department store groups, also liked the idea. They saw their opportunity to increase sales, so they launched several marketing campaigns to promote Father’s Day.


Celebrating Father’s Day in Germany: Vatertag and Männertarg. Father’s Day is a very cherished date in Germany. It has the status of a public holiday, so people don’t need to go to work that day–at least in most cases. Father’s Day is celebrated during Ascension Day, which takes place 40 days after Easter. This is so because it was the date when Jesus Christ went back to God, that is, to his father. This tradition began as a religious one, but by the 18th century it turned into a family day (Vatertag) to honor fathers, even with rewards. For example, the father that had the higher number of kids won a prize. Step by step, this tradition was also known as Männertag, Men’s Day, and it involved not only fathers, but also men in general. During this celebration, fathers (and men) are allowed to be a little bit mischievous. They hang out outdoors, hike, have some beers, and have fun! Of course, they also receive gifts and lots of attention.


Dia dos Pais, the Brazilian Father’s Day. Brazilians celebrate Dia dos Pais (Father’s Day) the second day of August. The date was chosen by a journalist and his consultant, Roberto Marinho and Sylvio Bhering: they wanted it to coincide with St. Joachim, patron saint of grandfathers, parents, married couples, and family. They chose that day to increase newspaper sales during that very period of the year, and they actually succeeded. As in many other countries, fathers receive a lot of gifts during this day: ties, perfume, clothes, tools… Kids also make drawings for them at school. Another common Brazilian tradition is to hold a family gathering to have a big home-made lunch together. They cook great meals to make fathers happy. Luckily, Father’s Day always took place on Sunday, so most dads around the country don’t have to work that day. They can simply enjoy that day with their families.


Father’s Day in Thailand. Did you know that Thai people celebrate Father’s Day in December? They break tradition, as many other countries prefer June or even March, as in the case of Spain, to gather fathers, sons, and daughters. In Thailand, they have merged three different holidays into one: Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday (a late king of Thailand that reigned for 70 years), Father’s Day and Thailand’s National Day. In the past, before king Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away, people honored him with candlelit events, together with other festivals. But let’s talk here about the traditions related to fathers. Thais give canna flowers to their fathers and grandfathers during this day. Of course, they also receive more gifts (ties, books, perfumes…) Another usual thing to do is to take daddies and grandpas to lunch. Is there a better way of connecting with your family than having lunch or dinner with them and talking about life and memories? Sùk-săn wan pâw! (or, in English, “happy Father’s Day!”)


Men’s Day in Russia: Defender of the Fatherland Day. February 23rd is a special day for Russians: they celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day. This day is seen as Men’s Day rather than Father’s Day, and women give gifts to their fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, friends, and co-workers. To understand the origins of this day, it’s necessary to know some events linked to the Russian Civil War. The first milestone was the very first mass draft into the Red Army in Moscow and Petrograd, that took place in 1918. During the next year, in 1919, the Russians decided to celebrate not only the success of this first mass draft, but also the establishment of the Red Army. After this first festivity, the government changed the name of the holiday to Soviet Army and Navy Day in 1949. It was renamed again in 2002, becoming Soviet Army and Navy Day. To celebrate this holiday, the Russians prepare many activities: there are processions, concerts, (militar) parades, fireworks, and people lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor Russian veterans.